Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Living God

The Great Dharma King
On the auspicious day of 61st  birth anniversary of our only living god, the fourth king, I join the nation to wish happy birth day. Today is a day for us to flash back and realize the noble actions done by the king for 32 years of active service for his innocent countrymen.
Our fourth king is a role model for all the leaders of the world; he had modernized our country and introduced to many countries without any obstacles. He had shown example responsibility to youth of whole universe taking the kingship at early age and made our small country very proud among the huge magnificent countries in the world. 
The king led his troops into the battle field
He had subdued all the internal and external enemies and kept our national flag still floating in the air under his marvelous reign. His profound service of kingship had been respected by the universe and will be remarked for the eons of years to come.

Because of the prayers and wishes from the people of Bhutan, Bhutan was blessed with the god descended in a human form and ruled the country meaningfully. We the people of Bhutan would like to wish our living god a very happy birthday on 61 years blessing Bhutan and the world in large, wish you live long years to bless continuously.
The founder of GNH
Our country is a small icy green Himalayan nation but it stands as a nation of rich custom and cultural epicenter. Bhutan was blessed with very farsighted leader who was destined to become a visionary monarch with profound compassion and humanity, the fourth Druk Gyalpo who had emanated the unique development philosophy of "Gross National happiness. ‘for the ensuring of peace and harmony in the society, to make every individuals to get realized of their goals to be happy spiritually, materialistically, economically and socially at the individual level.
The sophisticated and farsighted philosophy is not only a gift of Bhutanese but also to the entire world since many materialistic countries started loving this philosophy and we feel proud to be citizen of the noblest of noble land which gave birth to this philosophy. If people around the world embrace this life sustaining philosophy we could even save the world one day from total destruction. Thank you very much to our living god the fourth king.
If we are not cautious enough, the gift given by our fourth king for the upcoming generation will go in vain like the morning dew dries at noon, charming flowers fade in winter and morning star crossed the horizon and never returned. It is neither the responsibility of the leaders nor the officials to make the philosophy to bloom, the responsibility is bestowed on each and every one of us.
Nowadays with the change in time, people tend to be more selfish, we are becoming very self-conferred and believes less in giving and doing well for others. If we do not uproot such evil attitude as early as possible, the country of "Gross National Happiness." will change into country of "Gross National Hazard,” and we will be lift with empty and meaningless life, we would be handing only an overused and ravished world to our children.
The golden treasure would be lost forever.
The king handed over power to his able son, the fifth king
On 14th December, 2006, the fourth king handed over his responsibilities to his able son, the fifth king. Multicolored balloons roses high up in the sky, followed by the ritual of ceremony and tens of thousands of citizen gathered to enjoy the coronation of fifth king enthroned by the people of Drukyul which shocked the world as youngest monarch and we are proud of fifth king and no doubt that he can succeed as that of his father.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!