Friday, December 11, 2015

The life of a Graduate

She is from a very remote place of Bhutan. Her poor family supported with whatever financial resources they could get for her schooling. She studied very well and excelled in her studies and completed her graduate in 2014. In 2014 she appeared RCSC examination but could not qualify for a government job. Her dream was still alive and confidently aimed to make another attempt at the RCSC exams in 2015.

She waited large part of the year waiting for the RCSC examination to be conducted. Her family gave her tuition fee to get coaching from a consultancy firm who had started coaching classes for the graduates sitting for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination. She took up the coaching sessions at the Rigsin Consultancy paying Nu. 6000 for two subjects.

When 2015 RCSC exam came closer, she was well prepared to face the exams. After the exams, she said this year’s exam is quite easy compared to last year’s and that the coaching classes really helped her this year. She said that viva-voce has also gone really well because the panelists were jolly. She said they didn't ask tough questions and they asked her to tell jokes, she told jokes and they all laughed. After the viva-voce over, she was waiting near a school gate with her friend to be picked up by her friend’s mother. The panelists were leaving the exam hall. And when they saw her, they pointed at her and told her that she did the viva-voce really well. She was confused and asked the panelists as to whom they are referring. They told her that she had done the best. She went back home happily thinking that she will get through the exams and get a job this year since the written exams went well and her viva voce was went good as well.

And she was eagerly waiting for the result to be declared. A day before her result declaration, she could not sleep well. She prayed to god for blessings and luck. She could not eat well also. The next day, she woke up early in the morning at 5 o’ clock and started praying. She has not eaten breakfast waiting for the result to be declared. Due to tension, she could not breathe well and she even suffered from sore throat.

At 9.00 am BST, the result was uploaded on the RCSC website. She entered her BCSE registration number and checked her result. It was not what she expected. She hadn’t qualified and her marks were not up to her expectation. She cried out of heartbreak, her tears rolled down uncontrollably from her cheeks. “Why am I so unlucky? Luck didn't favor me this year also. My dream is shattered now, I can’t face anyone. How? When? What job will I get now?” She cried and shouted aloud. I was very sad looking at her condition. She has studied very hard from pre-primary to college to fulfill her dreams, her parent’s dreams, and her family’s dreams but that RCSC exam distorted everything. She said that her viva-voce mark is not satisfactory. She has to get more than that because the panelists have said to her that she has done well. She said that why the panelists said again and again to her of good viva if the mark is given is low. Her friend came out from viva-voce room with red face and said that she has not gone well but when result is out her viva mark is more than her, and she doubts that the panelist has done mistake while marking the marks. If her viva mark is little higher, she would have got through the exam. This year her expectation was to get a pass mark only but it did not happen.

One-day luck really matters a lot in our career and our previous karma too. Her natural ability has really abated. She can’t dream more, she can’t help her parents anymore and I doubt when she will fulfill her dreams.
Scarcity of job opportunities in our country has really spoiled the graduates and youths above all.

A graduate’s life is very haggard! I can’t think of them roaming in the town, going different offices endlessly for interviews. For a single vacancy around 50 plus graduate submit their documents hoping to get a job. And all the vacancies are filled up by the experienced and in-service candidates. After so many attempts and failures, they get restless and aimless. In such a situation many graduates are being spoiled indulging in many unlawful behaviors because our job market scenario has really let them down.

After many years of study, their dreams remain as dreams only. Then they start to indulge in unwanted and often harmful activities. That’s why many people blame on them. Our political parties always pledge to create many jobs opportunities but when they come to power, not many changes can be seen although there is a lot to be done.
Thank you.