Monday, March 7, 2016

A Valuable Lesson

Unconditional love of  a mother
My journey to Phuntsholing by bus was worthwhile. 
When I just crossed Gedu, there were few monkeys on roadside. Amongst them, I saw two little baby monkeys crawling just behind their mothers. Bus driver halted for a while. Many fellow passengers were giving some fruits and sweets to those monkeys.
I too hastily got off from the bus and tried to take pictures of those two small monkeys, but their mothers were so protective of them didn't allow those baby monkeys to stay away from them. They felt insecure for their babies. I landed up taking the pictures of four of them finally.

I learnt many lessons after witnessing their love and affection towards their babies. As a mother, she has unconditional love who can sacrifice everything for their offspring. No mother would like to keep one’s offspring away from them. She would always want to assure safety and comfort of her baby.

If animals can be of affectionate and compassionate to one’s offspring, we are better than them in many aspects. Therefore, I request all parents to assure love, guidance and support to one’s own children. If they get needed attention and love of their parents, no kids would opt for unproductive activities. As a result, all would enjoy peace and happiness.