Monday, January 25, 2016

The Day Already Passed

Winter Season, 25/1/16

It is cold chilly winter,
The trees shed their leaves
Weather is quite cold and freezing
But we never feel the difference.

As soon as the day breaks,
I and playmates rush
In the middle of the woods,
Slip top to bottom on fallen leaves
Whole body dirty as of Tarzan.

Return home starved,
Get scolding from the parents,
And the childhood days passed.

When the season approaches,
Reflection occurs in my head,
The weather again feels no different.

It seems to last forever.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year (2016) Resolution

Every human being is born with different fates to do something in life and survive. Depending on one’s own fate everybody earns a living accepting the responsibility gifted by god in their life, believing it is granted and everyone works with dedication. In my case, I accept my life and the profession I am in because working environment and my routine caters to a needy and people in pain come to my place to get cured. My work gives me joy. Everybody is concerned about their own health and whenever they have any little pain and suffering, they come to avail medical services get rid of their pain. The greatest satisfaction of my work comes when I see people smiling and going back cured and all right after they came to hospital feeling unwell.

My ambition from pre-primary to middle secondary grades was to become a doctor to help the patients who come to hospital to get rid of their ailments. I thought doctors are kindhearted with pure heart donning a clean white coat. It is true that we wear white coat in hospital to indicate that health care providers are pure from internal and external without any bias between the patients. All of us are responsible to take care of the patient equally no matter what degree of ailments they come with to at the clinic. A patient has the right to get equal treatments at any medical service they choose and in Bhutan we are lucky to get free medical services. Therefore, such free services has to be utilized meaningfully.

When I reached higher secondary school, my ambition changed because the subjects I took was Mathematics. Mathematics students would not qualify to become a doctor and I had to change my ambition to become an engineer. We have to always aim at sky then only we could reach at least certain level of our life which will give us some satisfaction. Likewise, my aim was big - to become a doctor and an engineer but my karmic deeds and luck didn’t favor me to become what I wanted to be and everything got shattered.

It was a blessing in disguise for me after joining Khesar Gyalpo Universityof Health and Sciences of Bhutan. I got training for two years as a Medical Laboratory Technician and I work in Department of pathology and medical laboratory services. The department plays an important role in medical services as a diagnostic service of the patient’s illness. A patient comes to doctor with clinical signs and symptoms, doctor sends us the patient’s samples to diagnose the accurate pathogens causing the disease. If we are wrong, doctors are wrong and we need to be extra cautious on diagnosing the accurate pathogens.

The patients are reluctant to listen to what we request them to do in sampling their sample and dropping in the laboratory. They drop the inadequate samples and always expect excellent report which is unreasonable. Laboratory services are not robotic that can change the unwanted things into a useful thing. Please make a note that if you throw your waste, what you will see in the waste bin will be rubbish and not a clean thing. Therefore, I urge the patients to submit adequate samples to get accurate and best results. Let us start afresh as the New Year 2016 begins so that we make our works easier and more core competent.

Examining the patient’s sample through microscope gives me immense joy since I could see varieties of pathogens, different sizes, shapes, colour and wonderful environment. Such things cannot be seen by our naked eyes, credit goes to the discoverer who invented it. Looking through the microscope, enjoying in other world, identifying the pathogens, coming back to the real world and writing a report is my normal routine works that always gives me satisfaction at the end of the day.

As the year 2015 ends and the New Year 2016 begins, my resolution for the year would be to be punctual, creating pleasant environment, diagnosing right pathogens and release accurate and competent results to the patients as this profession is my bread and butter.

Thank you!