Friday, December 11, 2015

The life of a Graduate

She is from a very remote place of Bhutan. Her poor family supported with whatever financial resources they could get for her schooling. She studied very well and excelled in her studies and completed her graduate in 2014. In 2014 she appeared RCSC examination but could not qualify for a government job. Her dream was still alive and confidently aimed to make another attempt at the RCSC exams in 2015.

She waited large part of the year waiting for the RCSC examination to be conducted. Her family gave her tuition fee to get coaching from a consultancy firm who had started coaching classes for the graduates sitting for the Bhutan Civil Service Examination. She took up the coaching sessions at the Rigsin Consultancy paying Nu. 6000 for two subjects.

When 2015 RCSC exam came closer, she was well prepared to face the exams. After the exams, she said this year’s exam is quite easy compared to last year’s and that the coaching classes really helped her this year. She said that viva-voce has also gone really well because the panelists were jolly. She said they didn't ask tough questions and they asked her to tell jokes, she told jokes and they all laughed. After the viva-voce over, she was waiting near a school gate with her friend to be picked up by her friend’s mother. The panelists were leaving the exam hall. And when they saw her, they pointed at her and told her that she did the viva-voce really well. She was confused and asked the panelists as to whom they are referring. They told her that she had done the best. She went back home happily thinking that she will get through the exams and get a job this year since the written exams went well and her viva voce was went good as well.

And she was eagerly waiting for the result to be declared. A day before her result declaration, she could not sleep well. She prayed to god for blessings and luck. She could not eat well also. The next day, she woke up early in the morning at 5 o’ clock and started praying. She has not eaten breakfast waiting for the result to be declared. Due to tension, she could not breathe well and she even suffered from sore throat.

At 9.00 am BST, the result was uploaded on the RCSC website. She entered her BCSE registration number and checked her result. It was not what she expected. She hadn’t qualified and her marks were not up to her expectation. She cried out of heartbreak, her tears rolled down uncontrollably from her cheeks. “Why am I so unlucky? Luck didn't favor me this year also. My dream is shattered now, I can’t face anyone. How? When? What job will I get now?” She cried and shouted aloud. I was very sad looking at her condition. She has studied very hard from pre-primary to college to fulfill her dreams, her parent’s dreams, and her family’s dreams but that RCSC exam distorted everything. She said that her viva-voce mark is not satisfactory. She has to get more than that because the panelists have said to her that she has done well. She said that why the panelists said again and again to her of good viva if the mark is given is low. Her friend came out from viva-voce room with red face and said that she has not gone well but when result is out her viva mark is more than her, and she doubts that the panelist has done mistake while marking the marks. If her viva mark is little higher, she would have got through the exam. This year her expectation was to get a pass mark only but it did not happen.

One-day luck really matters a lot in our career and our previous karma too. Her natural ability has really abated. She can’t dream more, she can’t help her parents anymore and I doubt when she will fulfill her dreams.
Scarcity of job opportunities in our country has really spoiled the graduates and youths above all.

A graduate’s life is very haggard! I can’t think of them roaming in the town, going different offices endlessly for interviews. For a single vacancy around 50 plus graduate submit their documents hoping to get a job. And all the vacancies are filled up by the experienced and in-service candidates. After so many attempts and failures, they get restless and aimless. In such a situation many graduates are being spoiled indulging in many unlawful behaviors because our job market scenario has really let them down.

After many years of study, their dreams remain as dreams only. Then they start to indulge in unwanted and often harmful activities. That’s why many people blame on them. Our political parties always pledge to create many jobs opportunities but when they come to power, not many changes can be seen although there is a lot to be done.
Thank you.

Monday, October 12, 2015

The Ultimate Wedding

The Royal Couple
The 20th of May, 2011 was the auspicious occasion of 7th session of the First Parliament. The traditional procession was set in full swing. The His Majesty led the way to the chamber of National Assembly accompanied by the Prime Minister and the Members of Parliament.

After the hall was filled and settled, the Speaker thanked His Majesty for his presence and reported the points to be discussed in the session, the Prime minister submitted the State of the Nation report, and members of parliament thanked His Majesty’s guidance in development of our small country.

Around 11.05 a.m. His Majesty addressed the Parliament and the people of Bhutan that he had decided to marry The Queen of His heart. The people of Drukyul have been waiting for so long with the question “when the people’s king will marry the Queen of his heart?” But on that day the king shared to his countrymen and it was the greatest pleasure for us to hear that the king will be soon married.

The His Majesty smiled and blushed a bit while naming the Queen, Ashi Jetsun Pema because he feared how the people of Bhutan would like and love that he had chosen his bride. No doubt the people of Bhutan accepted the only Dakini who conquered the living Bhudha to become the Queen of the land.

On October 2011, it was the joyous occasion where tens of thousands of Bhutanese gathered to celebrate the day what Bhutanese have been waited for and the celebration was legendary. The ultimate wedding celebration has been diffused whole over the world that the youngest king and Queen of Bhutan were being married.

The His Majesty addressed the people on December 17th of the year that they (the Royal Couple) were blessed by dhar Neynga from Kuenrey, offered to them by the fourth king was the special, they prayed to the three jewels for continuity of peace and prosperity in the nation. And the king and Queen thanked the Fourth King, the government and the people for the greatest and successful wedding celebration.

The Royal kiss in the crowd broke the ice of the celebration.

So, I offer my sincere prayers for the good health, long life and glorious reign of His Majesty the king and the Queen on their fourth Anniversary. 


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Father of Medical Laboratory of Bhutan

It was 8 p.m. I was attending my evening duty at hospital. I just visited his chamber, and he was visibly busy with some pending works. As I entered his room, he smiled and welcomed me to sit on the chair. I sat on the chair across his table, opposite to him. He, with his trademark gentle voice, asked as to what he may do for me. I said I am visiting him to get some information about him because I wanted to write something about him. As soon as he heard what I said, he went blank and speechless. I, at first, thought that he didn’t like what I said for some reason. But it wasn’t the case. He slowly started to talk and shared some of the most daunting challenges he has faced in his life up until now.

He came to Bhutan on 2nd August, 1975. This year is his 40th year of active service to our nation. He said that when he came to Bhutan, there wasn’t a simple medical laboratory services available. For him to start a good laboratory services in Bhutan was a big challenge, he explained me with the smile of satisfaction on his face,  Bhutanese were not fond of  the profession because they had to handle patient’s stool, urine and blood, he said. He was accompanied by one Indian laboratory technician and one Sikkimese helper. Their work was to examine stool for parasites and to perform blood grouping since there was no required equipment to perform other parameters, he said.
First three months of his stay in Bhutan were the toughest. He even thought of going back to his country as nobody was ready to take up the laboratory works having to deal with human faeces and urine. However, after some time, people realized that that laboratory works are also a field of profession and there was a good scope to get employed there. Gradually, people came forward and wanted to learn from him. He has trained countless Bhutanese health personnel and still continues to guide and train the trainees of GesarGyalpo University of Health and Sciences of Bhutan. Thanks to the tireless work of this old man, today Bhutan can boast of many qualified laboratory technicians. He says he is happy to see the seed he sowed many years ago blooming and eventually giving such healthy fruits.

He is a patient’s Doctor in the truest sense!Early in the morning many patients take advantage of his time because other Doctors turn up to their office at 9.00a.m. He comes to his office at 8.00a.m. Every day to complete the pending works but many patients can be seen lining up to meet him at his chamber. He never lets any patient to go back without checking. He always checks the patient, go along with the patient to drop the sample to be tested at every respective chamber and never let patient bear the trouble of locating and submitting the samples. He checks many patients, collects blood, stool, and urine sample of the patients by himself, and then collects reports and always monitors until he/she is alright.

Because he can’t refuse the patients his help and service, he is not able to finish his work during office hours mostly. He stays back at his chamber till 8 p.m. every day relying on the snacks when he feels the need to eat something.He is workaholic. He works 12 hours every day and even weekends are not free for him. Every single day is a working day for him. Being under the same department as he is in, I have learned a lot of good things from him. If I have to summarize whatever I learned from him in few words, I would say ‘pure dedication to work our assigned works’.
His employment contract expired in 2013 but the Government of Bhutan extended it for two more years. This year is his last and by December end, he will be leaving Bhutan for good. I asked him whether he would continue working here if his contract was given another extension. He said he would happily do so because he would take it more as an obligation than an extension of his employment. I hope he will continue to contribute to Bhutan is some ways. Bhutan would lose a great contributor if he decides to leave the country that has been his home for so many years.

In a befitting conclusion to the words of wisdom he shared with me, he said, “My religion says that if we do our work whole-heartedly and not half- heartedly, then we will attain Nirvana when we die. I always try to follow my religion.”

Father of medical laboratory of Bhutan.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Is Gambling Banned in Bhutan?

“Thud…thud…” I always hear the sound from the house next to where I stay along with some voices.  I thought that neighbors were busy collecting the bhukhari woods for the winter and   they are cutting the big log into pieces so that it can be used easily. But this thought didn't convince me and I wondered why they are fetching so early because it is still the summer.
So, I went near them to find out what they were up to. Then I saw a group of old- aged men playing Parala in a great zest making loud noises, playing icily. I realized where the Thud sound came from. They raised their hand high into air holding a small cup with a pair of dice inside and the cup-like container came with full force on a circular, semi-hard pad on the floor.

Urban life is totally different from village life. In village, our parents were sweating a lot by cutting big log into pieces for varieties of functions, like to cook food for them and animals. Contrary to such struggles, here in urban area people waste their energy, times and space to unlawful activities which make people physically, emotionally and financially broke. That is something self destructive which I always tease my friends comparing such activities to a jobless monkey rubbing its ass on a rock.

Though, I heard that gambling is prohibited in our country I could see many people play anywhere and everywhere; some even play along the roadside and in front of their shops, sitting in a circle and playing without any hesitation. In all over the districts during Tshechu time people are always fond of involving in gambling. But after many flaws and terrible issues being raised like there were many chaos and misunderstanding between the owners and customers, the authority has stopped that business and nowadays we don’t see it being played during any festivals and even on Tshechu days like before.

And it confuses me whether it is banned during Tshechu time only or it is banned completely. Nowadays, the game is going rampant everywhere - people playing lavishly and nobody seems to care about it.
The adult people have to live by example and show positive attitudes and healthy ways of life to younger generation. We must not forget that nowadays generations are both clever and intelligent.  I heard playing cards, Parala and other gambling are bad games because it could lead to huge loss. Some people spend money as if they were rich but back home all the anger is thrown at their family. Family gets distorted, and there is no peace in the house.

First they play for fun with their friends, gradually they start playing for money, and then they feel great when they get money and continue to play.  After that they become addicted and play for huge amounts. When they are out of money, they play and gamble on their properties like cars, house and land in certain degree. Everything is lost to other and they go for credits, and at last commit suicide after not being able to pay back the credits. The main cause of such discomforts and distresses can be playing of vacuity game only.

I have come across the story of wives being exchanged by the two men by playing the cards and Parala. Some men make plaything on their wife. It is very shameful to hear such stories!

So, I make earnest request here that under the reign of our beloved kings and under the real Buddha, the Je khenpo, let’s not engage ourselves in such harmful and self-destructive activities. Such games will never and ever bring happiness at any cost. They could rather ruin whatever little happiness we have. Moreover, it causes a lot of disturbance to neighbours. I feel the concerned authority has to look at the matter and do away with the game on condition that if it reoccurs the person shall be guilty of serious consequences.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Message to my Angel.

Life is like an echo, we get back what we give,
True love is like diamond - real and rare.
You are a diamond that shines with pure love;
And I treasure your sincere care.

When you are down I am literally rattled;
The test of love doesn't come when we are together,
It comes when we are apart and much obliged,
Yet mission of meeting will be a dream until we have feather.
The value of sentimental love cannot be measured,
But only true lover will imprint in your heart,
That love has to be appreciated and treasured.

I don’t have intention of abasing you out of abhorrence,
And don’t want to abduct you in any means to abandon you.
Though, I might have hurt you with abet words and act of aberrance,
Nevertheless, I don’t have any intention to hurt you.

I work day and night to withstand our lives in a meaningful way,
I pray for our lives and sentient beings to be free from Samsara,
And I beg you forgiveness for cadaverous act of play,
Because we want to be a perfect couple at the end of a day,

You dainty damsel should accept to a daft like me.

No matter whether history becomes legend, legend become myth,
I will be longing for you till I get eternal holiday of my life-the death.
Yours love,    

The birth day then celebrated.

On the previous day of the birth day, I received a call from her saying that she wanted to come to my place which shocked me that she like to come otherwise it is always the opposite and compelled to come at my place.
In her haste she reached at the place in a pleasant mood. She gave me an unique expression!
At around 10:00pm, we have dinner and went to bed early to get some warmth to pacify the freezing body.

Suddenly at midnight, I was awakened from deep slumber by happy birth day song being played from cell phone.It reverberated the darkroom where we lay. It was an alarm she had set exactly at 12:00am with the birth day song as an alarm tone. "Happy birth day dear." She said to me with smile face as she rummaged in her hand bag and handed me with a birth day gift festooned with shiny silver papers.

I was bemused and fumbled for a word because I was oblivious of my own birth day. It was the first time to receive a birth day gift after many years had passed unknowingly my own birth day.

I know you are not from affluent family to manage a gift but that wee gift was a big thing in my life. You are the one who had wished me with a gift dear.
I don't have vestige of hard feelings for you, rather I trust you and guaranteed to lead a happy life ahead.....

Thank you Dear for everything.
Thank you.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Living God

The Great Dharma King
On the auspicious day of 61st  birth anniversary of our only living god, the fourth king, I join the nation to wish happy birth day. Today is a day for us to flash back and realize the noble actions done by the king for 32 years of active service for his innocent countrymen.
Our fourth king is a role model for all the leaders of the world; he had modernized our country and introduced to many countries without any obstacles. He had shown example responsibility to youth of whole universe taking the kingship at early age and made our small country very proud among the huge magnificent countries in the world. 
The king led his troops into the battle field
He had subdued all the internal and external enemies and kept our national flag still floating in the air under his marvelous reign. His profound service of kingship had been respected by the universe and will be remarked for the eons of years to come.

Because of the prayers and wishes from the people of Bhutan, Bhutan was blessed with the god descended in a human form and ruled the country meaningfully. We the people of Bhutan would like to wish our living god a very happy birthday on 61 years blessing Bhutan and the world in large, wish you live long years to bless continuously.
The founder of GNH
Our country is a small icy green Himalayan nation but it stands as a nation of rich custom and cultural epicenter. Bhutan was blessed with very farsighted leader who was destined to become a visionary monarch with profound compassion and humanity, the fourth Druk Gyalpo who had emanated the unique development philosophy of "Gross National happiness. ‘for the ensuring of peace and harmony in the society, to make every individuals to get realized of their goals to be happy spiritually, materialistically, economically and socially at the individual level.
The sophisticated and farsighted philosophy is not only a gift of Bhutanese but also to the entire world since many materialistic countries started loving this philosophy and we feel proud to be citizen of the noblest of noble land which gave birth to this philosophy. If people around the world embrace this life sustaining philosophy we could even save the world one day from total destruction. Thank you very much to our living god the fourth king.
If we are not cautious enough, the gift given by our fourth king for the upcoming generation will go in vain like the morning dew dries at noon, charming flowers fade in winter and morning star crossed the horizon and never returned. It is neither the responsibility of the leaders nor the officials to make the philosophy to bloom, the responsibility is bestowed on each and every one of us.
Nowadays with the change in time, people tend to be more selfish, we are becoming very self-conferred and believes less in giving and doing well for others. If we do not uproot such evil attitude as early as possible, the country of "Gross National Happiness." will change into country of "Gross National Hazard,” and we will be lift with empty and meaningless life, we would be handing only an overused and ravished world to our children.
The golden treasure would be lost forever.
The king handed over power to his able son, the fifth king
On 14th December, 2006, the fourth king handed over his responsibilities to his able son, the fifth king. Multicolored balloons roses high up in the sky, followed by the ritual of ceremony and tens of thousands of citizen gathered to enjoy the coronation of fifth king enthroned by the people of Drukyul which shocked the world as youngest monarch and we are proud of fifth king and no doubt that he can succeed as that of his father.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!