Monday, October 12, 2015

The Ultimate Wedding

The Royal Couple
The 20th of May, 2011 was the auspicious occasion of 7th session of the First Parliament. The traditional procession was set in full swing. The His Majesty led the way to the chamber of National Assembly accompanied by the Prime Minister and the Members of Parliament.

After the hall was filled and settled, the Speaker thanked His Majesty for his presence and reported the points to be discussed in the session, the Prime minister submitted the State of the Nation report, and members of parliament thanked His Majesty’s guidance in development of our small country.

Around 11.05 a.m. His Majesty addressed the Parliament and the people of Bhutan that he had decided to marry The Queen of His heart. The people of Drukyul have been waiting for so long with the question “when the people’s king will marry the Queen of his heart?” But on that day the king shared to his countrymen and it was the greatest pleasure for us to hear that the king will be soon married.

The His Majesty smiled and blushed a bit while naming the Queen, Ashi Jetsun Pema because he feared how the people of Bhutan would like and love that he had chosen his bride. No doubt the people of Bhutan accepted the only Dakini who conquered the living Bhudha to become the Queen of the land.

On October 2011, it was the joyous occasion where tens of thousands of Bhutanese gathered to celebrate the day what Bhutanese have been waited for and the celebration was legendary. The ultimate wedding celebration has been diffused whole over the world that the youngest king and Queen of Bhutan were being married.

The His Majesty addressed the people on December 17th of the year that they (the Royal Couple) were blessed by dhar Neynga from Kuenrey, offered to them by the fourth king was the special, they prayed to the three jewels for continuity of peace and prosperity in the nation. And the king and Queen thanked the Fourth King, the government and the people for the greatest and successful wedding celebration.

The Royal kiss in the crowd broke the ice of the celebration.

So, I offer my sincere prayers for the good health, long life and glorious reign of His Majesty the king and the Queen on their fourth Anniversary.