Friday, February 5, 2016

Dear MOM

Did you know that your only child out of three turns 26 today? On February 5, 1990, when you presented me to the entire world, I might have cried out of some uneasy circumstances but you were the one with great smile looking at me, wished and dreamt about me and had great expectation from me. You carried me in your womb with care for nine months. After birth you protected me from cold and heat, fed me with delicious food and made me grow up. Mom, I am very sorry for I woke you up in the middle of night. I made you to breast-feed in the middle of your works and letting you to wash those old diapers for uncountable times. I made you to upset by crying without any reasons and above all, you had little peaceful moment.

When it is time for me to thank you, you are nowhere to be seen. You left us too early. Did you know when you passed away; we were left like a chicken in a coop waiting for the mother bird to come back with mouth full of worms? When morning star strokes the western horizons, our eyes were full of tears, seeking for your return but in vain. As the time passed by, your younger son and daughter had to follow you. I, your only son out of three, had to face in this earth alone, treading the path less trodden. Mom, I know you had trust and faith on me; believed in me and loved me. You said and wished I become a Doctor and cure all the ailing patients. You also wished that I become an architect, a great teacher who teach values and knowledge to students. Sorry, Mom, I could not fulfill those dreams. Nevertheless, I stand on my own feet with your great prayers and wishes.

I might have done mischievous things in my life, hurt others with harsh words, harmed other living beings unknowingly, and fought and quarreled due to my young blood that boils within a second. Today, I want to apologise my mom and promise that I won’t repeat any more. I am now a grown up and I will do whatever I encounter with the second thoughts. 

Lastly, to the Almighty, protector of sentient beings, I am neither learned nor experienced. I might make mistakes. I sing hymns at heaven’s gate with prayers to bless my Mom. Mom you are always in my heart. You would never cease to be my beloved Mom, even without your physical presence. I shall love you forever.

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