Monday, February 15, 2016

Bhutanese Song-This heart of flesh and blood

This heart of flesh and blood,
Though resides inside me;
Its beats are just for you
This foolish heart's gonna break for you!

I am becoming totally restless,
When you aren't around
Please don’t go out of my sight
Please don’t go out of my sight.

In the peaceful altar of my heart-
A faithful heart of yours
Can now offer a golden cup,
I will keep filled with love-scented water

This highly skilled-in-seeing eyes;
Though live just on my face
Whatever they see is just you,
Your image flickers even when closed

Don't tell this to me darling,
You are very lovely girl,
Please let me lean on your lap

My mind truly loves you- Karsang
A faithful heart of yours,
Can now draw a circle of dragon,
So that milk of our love can be kept in it.
Dzongkha Version. Click on the photo to make it more legible


  1. Don't mention it bro. It's my first experience as a guest blogger. Thank you for that opportunity.