Saturday, February 13, 2016

Let's Pledge Today!

“We eat anything with legs except the table, and anything with wings except the plane.”

It is very difficult to obtain free and well-favored human realm, yet we are fortunate enough to be born in this realm. We have opportunities to realize and make good use of full human potential for best. If we miss the chance, we shouldn't expect to find this rare chance again.

Our life is as transient as clouds and like a flash of lightning. When we finally have to leave this world, neither friends nor wealth can defend us and no one can accompany us. We must be proud that we are not born in lower realms where there are endless sufferings. Why can’t we use this rare chance to do good things which is beneficial for both self and others?

Let us celebrate auspicious first lunar month that only comes once in a year. It is during the first month Lord Buddha taught many teachings to his disciples and to all sentient beings. Buddha himself said that if we do good things, we will accumulate tremendous merits. He also said if we do bad things intentionally, we accumulate negative Karma.

The Royal Government of Bhutan banned meat during auspicious months throughout the country. It is a move by the government and our central monastic body. Although there aren't any available statistics to prove its effectiveness, more people are completely refraining from eating meat during these auspicious months.

There is also section of society who store meat during these banned months. Even if we can’t be vegetarian for entire life, why can’t we refrain at least during these holy months? I too am not a vegetarian, but I refrain from eating meat during holy months.
As there is no single being who haven’t been our parents in our previous lives, all animals should be respected. They all desire love, care, affection and respect. The only difference between human and them is they can’t express their feelings. If you love your parents unconditionally, why can’t we for those helpless animals?

Let us pledge to completely refrain meat today, for at least a month. It is Valentine’s Day, a day when we express our love and affection. Let’s also express our love to our fellow beings who have been our own parents at one of time.

Thank you

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